List of Commodities

For one subscription you may choose as few or as many as you want.

List is sorted by Code followed by Description

CODE Description
ACF Asbestos Cement Fascias
ACG Asbestos Cement Guttering
ACT Accoustical  Treatment
ADD Additives /Admixtures
AID Airconditioning Ducting
AIF Airconditioning (R50 000+)
AIP Airconditioning (PC Only)
AIR Airconditioning (Alll)
AIU Airconditioning Units
ALB Aluminium Balustrades
ALE Aluminium Extrusions
ALG Aluminium Guttering
ALU Aluminium Fabrications
ANT Anti-Corrosive Treatment
APP Aluminium Push/Kick Plates
ARG Asbestos Rainwater Goods
ART Aluminium Roof Trims
ASB Asbestos Cement Products
ASD Aluminium Shower Doors
AWN Awnings & Canopies
BAC Bathroom Cabinets
BAF Bathroom 
BAT Baths
BIC Built-In Cupboards (PC)
BIN Bathroom Enclosures
BIP Birdproofing
BIR Bituthene Roofing
BIT Bituminous Coatings
BLB Blinds (Black-out)
BLO Blocks (Concrete Masonry)
BLV Blinds (Venetian/Vertical)
BMT Basement Tanking
BOI Boilers
BOO Booms
BPR Bumper Rails
BRA Brassware 
BRF Bricks – Face
BRG Bullett Resistant Glass
BRI Bricklayer
BRP Brick Paving
BRS Brick Sealers
BUB Burglar Bars – All Types
BUC Built-In Cupboards
BUG Burglar Bars –Not Fixed 
BUL Bulletin Boards
BUP Building Paper
CAE Catering Equipment
CAH Calorifier Heaters
CAL Compressed Air Lines
CAP Carpets
CAR Carpenter 
CBP Con.Block Paving  500m2+
CCC Concrete Coring /Cutting
CCF Concrete Fencing
CCU Concrete Culverts
CDC Conditions of Contract
CEA Ceilings – Accoustic
CEI Ceilings – All Types 
CEM Cement Specification
CES Ceilings – Suspended
CEX Car & Joiner– excl Fittings
CFB Concrete Face Bricks
CFT Concrete Floor Treatment
CHA Challkboards/Writing Boards
CLA Cladding – Aluminium
CLS Cladding  - Steel
CLV Cladding  - Vitreuos Enamel
COB Concrete Blocks
COC Concrete Breeze Cellular
COF Concrete Floors
COL Coldrooms
COM Compriband
CON Concretor
COP Concrete Pipes
COT Copper Pipes
COV Conveyor Equipment
CPF Copper  Flashings
CPP Copper  Products
CPS Concrete Paving Slabs
CRR Crusher Run
CSM Ceilings –Suspend. Metal
CUR Curtain Track/Rail – All
CUT Curtain Track
CUW Curtain Walling
DAB Doors – Anti Bandit
DAU Doors – Automatic
DCE Doors – Cell
DCL Door Closers
DCS Door Cladding - Steel
DEM Demolitions
DEN Denso Wrapping
DEW Dewatering
DFO Doors – Folding Fabric
DFP Doors – Fireproof
DFR Doors – Flexible Rubber
DFW Doors – Folding Wooden
DFX Doors – X-Ray
DOA Doors/Frames Aluminium
DOB Doors – Bi Fold
DOC Doors – Cold Room
DOF Door Frames – Steel
DOG Doors – Strongroom
DOK Dock Levellers
DOL Doors – Wooden Louvre 
DOM Domelights
DOR Doors – Roller Shutter
DOS Doors – Steel
DOT Doors – Tip-Up
DOW Door Frames – Wooden
DPC Dampproof Course
DRM Doors Roller Mesh Grille
DSE Doors – Security
DSG Doors - Sliding Gear only
DSL Doors – Sliding Aluminium
DSS Doors – Sect/ Slide Over
DTR Doors – Transformer 
DWC Decorative Wall Coating
DWF Doors – Wooden Flush
DWO Doors – Wooden
DWP Doors – Wooden Panel
EAR Earthworks – Bulk
EJC Expansion Joint Covers
EJP Expansion Joint –P/Styrene
EJS Expansion Joint Sealants
ELA Electrical – Measured
ELC Electrical – All
ELF Electrical – PC R50 000 +
ELH Electrical – PC R150 000+
ELP Electrical – PC R10 000 +
EMS Expanded Metal Sheeting
EPF Epoxy Floors
EPO Epoxys
EXC Excavations – Small Works
EXB Exp. Bolts – Hilti/Chemical
EXP Expansion Joints
FAB Fascias & Bargeboards
FAN Fans – Extraction
FBP Fascias & Bargeboards-PVC
FEN Fencing – Wire
FES Fencing – Steel Palisade
FIA Fire Alarm Systems
FID Fire Detection
FIF Filter Fabric
FIP Fireproofing
FIR Fire Equipment
FIU Fireplace Units
FLA Flashings
FLE Floors – Computer
FLI Floors – Industrial
FLM Floors – Masterpave
FLP Floors – PVC/Vynil
FLS Floors – Steel
FLT Floor Treatment
FLW Floors – Wooden
FOR Formwork
FPC Floors – Precast
FRS Floors - Rein.  Suspended
FSP Flloor Springs
GAB Gabions
GAD Garage Doors - All Types
GAG Galvanised Gutterings
GAP Galvanised Pipes/Fittings 
GAS Gas Installations
GDR Guard Rails
GEN Generators
GEY Geysers
GFF Glassfibre Fabrications
GFG Glassfibre Gutterings
GIN Geysers - Industrial
GLA Glazing
GLB Glass Bricks
GLP Glazing  - Patent
GPC Glazing - Polycarbonate
GRA Grassing
GRB Grilles - Bronze/Brass
GRC Glassfibre Rein.Cement
GRE Grease Traps/Interceptors
GRF Granolithic Floorings
GRI Grille Blocks
GRL Grilles - Steel & Aluminium
GRN Granite
GRR Grab Rails
GSE Gates - All Types
HAN Handrails - Plastic  Cover
HAR Hardcore
HEA Heaters
HEU Heaters - Under Floors
HOI Hoists
HPC High Pressure Cleaning
IFA Industrial Fasteners & Ties
IFR Insulation - Flat Roof
INF Insulation - Fibreglass
INK Insulation - Kulite/Styrene
INL Insulation - Lagging
INP Insulation - Polyurethane
INR Interlocking Road Stones
INS Insulation - Sisalation
INT Intercoms/Telephones
IRO Ironmongery
ISB Insulation - Structabord
JOF Joinery Fittings
JOI Joinery 
JOP Joinery Fittings - PC only
KEC Kitchen Extractor Canopy
KIF Kitchen Fittings - PC only
KIS Kitchen Units - Steel
KIT Kitchen Units  
LAF Laboratory Fittings/Equip
LAM Laminated Timber
LAN Landscaping
LAU Laundry Equipment
LEC Levelling Compound
LFI Light Fittings
LIC Lightning Conductors
LIF Lifts/Elevators
LOA Louvres - Aluminium
LOC Lockers
LOK Locks
LOS Louvres - Steel
MAO Masonry
MAR Marble
MAS Mastic Asphalt Roofing
MAT Mats - All Types
MED Medical Installation
MEW Metalwork
MHS Manholes - All Types
MOS Mosaics
MOU Mouldings
OFF Office Furniture
PAC Pipes - Asbestos Cement
PAI Painting
PAR Partitioning
PAS Painting - Structural Steel
PCK Precast Concrete Kerbs
PCL Precast Concrete Lintels
PCM Precast Concrete Manholes
PEL Pelmets - Metal
PFI PVC  Fittings
PFO Postforming
PIF Pipes - Pitch Fibre
PIL Piling
PLA Plastering - All
PLG Plaster - Gypsum
PLI Plastering - Internal
PLU Plumber & Drainlayer
PLV Plaster - Vermiculite
POB Post Boxes
POF Powerfloating
POS Post Tensioning
PRC Precast Concrete
PRS Projection Screens
PSL Partition. Slid/Soundproof
PSS Planking Strutting Shoring
PSW Pipes - Sewer
PUM Pumps
PVC Pipes - PVC & Fittings
PVG PVC Gutterings
PWS Plastic W/proof. Sheeting
PWU Precast Window Units
PYP Poly. Piping
QRT Quartzite
RAC Roofing - Asbestos Cement
RAS Roofing - Asbestos Slate
RBB Roofing - Brownbuilt
RBL Retaining Wall Blocks
RBP Resin Bonded Plaster
RCG Remote Control Gear
RCI Roofing - Corrugated Iron
REB Reinforcement - Brick
REF Reinforcement - Fabric
RES Reinforcement - Steel
REW Retaining Wall
ROA Roofing - Aluminium
ROB Roof Battens
ROM Roofing - Megaspan
ROP Rodent Proofing
ROS Roofing - Steel
ROT Roof Timbers
ROU Roof Underpay
RSL Roofing - Slate
RSM Resume
RSS Roofing - Stainless Steel
RTS Roof Truss - Steel
RTW Roof Truss - Wooden
SAB Sandblasting
SAF Safes
SAN Sanitary Ware - All
SAS San.Ware - Stainless Steel
SAT Sanitation
SCA Scaffolding
SCJ Saw Cut Joints
SCR Screeds  - Flat Roof
SEA Sealants
SEC Security Screens
SES Security Systems
SEW Sewage Treatment Plant
SFG Steel Floor Grating
SFL Screens - Insect/Fly
SFW Stoves, Fridges,W/Machine
SHB Shelving - Holdmor/Wooden
SHE Shelving - Steel
SHI Shelving/Racking - Ind.
SHO Shopfronts
SHP Shopfronts - P.C. only
SIB Signs - Brass/Aluminium
SIP Signs - Plastic
SIT Siteworks
SKI Skirting - Wooden
SLA Slate
SLI Slips - Blue
SMF Sheetmetal Fabrication
SOC Solar Control
SOH Solar Heating
SOP Soil Poisoning
SPC Signs - P.C. only
SPR Sprinklers
SSC Str/Steel Carports
SSG Stainless Steel Guttering
SSM Self Sealing Membrane
SSP Stainless Steel Pipes
STA Stainless Steel
STB Steel Balustrading
STD Steel Decking
STI Steam Installation
STP Stone Pitching
STR Structural Steel
STT Stair Tread
SUD Sun Decks
SUN Sun Screens/Louvres
SUP Surface Beds - Paving
SUR Surface Beds 
SWD Stormwater Drainage
SWI Swimming Pools
TAN Tanks - Steel
TAG Tanks - Fibreglass
TAP Tanks - Polyethylene
TAR Tarmacadam
TCO Tiles - Cork
TCR Tennis Courts
TEC Textured Coatings
TEL Television
TEN Tender Results
TER Terracotta Tiles
TET Terrazzo Tiles
THA Thatching
TIC Tiles - Ceramic
TIE Tiles - Encaustic
TIL Tiles - Concrete Roof
TIM Tiles - Marseilles
TIQ Tiles - Quarry
TIS Terrazzo - In situ
TLM Tiles - Metal
TOD Toilet Roll Dispensers etc
TOP Tiolet Partitioning
TPR Terrazzo - Precast
TRE Tree Felling
TRP Tarmac Painting
TRS Translucent Sheeting
TST Turnstiles
VAL Valves
VAN Vanity Units
VEN Ventilators
VEP Vitreous Enamel
VER Ventilators - Roof
VOF Void Formers
VWC Vynil Wall Covering
WAA Waterproof Additives
WAD Waste Disposal Units
WAL Wallpaper
WAR Water Repellant
WAS Water Stops
WAT Wall Tiling - Glazed
WCE Windows - Cell
WDS Window Cills - All
WEA Weatherseal
WEK Weedkiller
WEP Walling - Epoxy
WFR Waterproof/Flat Roofs
WIA Windows - Aluminium
WIL Windows - Alu.Louvre
WIP Windows - PVC
WIR Wire Goods
WIS Windows - Steel
WLA Windows - Alu/Adjust
WLI Washing Lines
WOB Wooden Balustrades
WOF Wooden - Fencing
WOW Wooden Windows
WSL Windows - Steel Louvre
WSS Windows - Stain/Steel


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